1 Day, Hell’s Gate

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1 Day, Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate National Park is a park located between Lake Naivasha and the Longonot and Suswa volcanoes. It is covered by ashes from the Longonot eruption which occurred 100 years ago, the park is famous for its geothermal station, Lower Gorge and spectacular sceneries such as cliffs [for rock climbing], volcano gorges, geothermal steam).

Wildlife like; Giraffes, elands, hartebeests, buffaloes and other small gazelles and antelopes are common in the grassy plains. Lions, leopards and cheetahs also occur but are rare. There are small troops of klipspringer and rock hyrax, both living in rocky area. The rare Chanler’s mountain reedbuck can also be seen here. The park has more than 100 species of birds and the cliffs are home and nesting places for birds, which are abundant at nearby Lake Naivasha. The large white droppings on the rocks indicate nests of vulture, eagles and augur buzzard. Rare species are the Verreaux’s eagle and the Lammergeyer, Ruppel’s griffon and hooded vultures have been sighted.


Day 1: Nairobi to Hell's Gate and Back

Depart from Nairobi early morning for a journey south along the floor of the Great Rift valley to Hell’s Gate national park. The journey itself it interesting due to the Rift Valley’s abundance of wildlife by the roadside and scenic physical features

  • Hell's gate
  • 0600 to 2000

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