Best Time Ever

Best Time Ever

Best ever experience, taking a safari in Kenya at the Masai mara. I was with other travelers about five months ago, just in time for the famous Wildebeest migration from the Mara to the Serengeti in Tanzania.

When we arrived at the reserve, everything looked so much better than the pictures. We would be there for 3 days and two nights and I could not wait.

First Day of Adventure

Woke up at about a quarter past six in the morning wanted to catch the sunrise. It was something of beauty when the sun rays emerged from the horizon in its beautiful orange color. I stared at it for about 15 minutes then went back at the camp.Sunrise

Everyone was up by the time I arrived and we were all getting ready for breakfast and a thrilling day ahead.

Choose a travel style to suit your family

While travelling with babies and toddlers needn’t preclude adventurous travel, some destinations – Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, for example – are more tot-friendly than others. With older children and teenagers you could explore more challenging options such as a camping safari in the African bush or hiking in the Himalayas.

Don’t forget: a round-the-world adventure needn’t involve a multi-stop plane ticket and a backpack; travelling overland in a campervan is a fun and flexible way to travel, or you could even try cycling across a continent or navigating the oceans in a sailboat…

Stay healthy on the road

Looking after your family’s health is of course a top priority. Before you go, arrange the requisite vaccinations and antimalarials in plenty of time, and remember that some jabs (eg typhoid) can’t be given before a certain age. Carry a good first aid kit and discuss in advance what to do in an emergency; comprehensive travel insurance is a must.

While it pays to be prepared, with all the fresh air and exercise you’ll likely be getting on the road, plus new, varied foods and plenty of mood-boosting family time, chances are you’ll all be healthier than ever while you’re away.

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